Leaping Lizards Development

Personal Transformation with Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)


One Life, many possibilities, realise your potential

To help you resolve life challenges and achieve success in personal and professional life

“Would this be useful to You?”

Have you ever got to an intersection and thought “Which way ?”

Perhaps you have asked yourself “What would be the best way to go ?”

Maybe you have heard others say “To plan is the better option”

To wonder “What if ?, what’s ahead?”

The privilege is to have the choice!

I am able to guide you through a combination of simple and effective Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other change techniques which produce significant and empowering results.

I am able to help you make change that will get results in all 4 areas of your life, physical, emotional, mental with a holistic awareness.

“What more do you need to know to make the change now!”

Debs Rahurahu - Master Practitioner NLP
Debs Rahurahu - Master Practitioner NLP